After recently acquiring myself a go pro HD hero 2, I was busting to finish work to hit the creek to test out the New Cam, My handmade Brass reel and a Pete's Pulsar fly i had recently tied up.
The day was perfect and I escaped the Clutches of suburbia and found myself in peace and quite.
I found a pod of 3 carp milling up the bottom (sounds like permit fishing) in the very first hole. I led the first fish and he smashed it right at my feet!! I'e got to say i'm loving my handmade brass reel and the great sense of reward I get when I catch fish using it.

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Originally brothers in fly was going to be released this year, but we didn't feel right about releasing it without some more MURRAY COD ON FLY ACTION!!! so we will be filming heavily between December and January and hopefully it will be ready to hit shelves in early 2013!!!

Thanks for watching, you make it worth it!

Brothers Mark and Ben Hohnke Began Their Fly Fishing Journeys Based in Tamworth, in the heart of the New England region of New South Wales. Chasing Species such as :
Rainbow Trout
Brown Trout
Golden Perch
and the most iconic species of the Area The mighty Murray Cod.
The original Brothers In Fly Film which follows this journey is anticipated to be released early to mid 2013.....

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