In a world where everything is moving faster, where everything needs to be more efficient will we suddenly overtake our futures even though we spend half our lives thinking about the past.
Whenever I go on these trips to far out places the first thing that really hits home is that the people of these lands still hold onto something that we seem to have lost. The ability to live life now, in the moment, day to day, minute by minute, there is no rush, no dramas, just their undivided attention when they greet you with a smile and a welcoming hand shake.
It puts a lot of things into perspective and makes me think about how best a life is lived. Don't get me wrong this isn't a negative moan, far from it! Just a thought process i've been wondering down lately. Im not sure this will even make sense, it does to me, well kind of anyway, I hope it does to you or at least starts you thinking along the same lines. Its a funny old world right NOW.

Here's the latest episode of StRaNGe Beautiful LIFE we had a great time on this trip but we haven't been yet, it was edited and uploaded tomorrow and filmed next week, enjoy :)
- Stokesy

Tim - This place has been on both of our radars to visit for years for a number of different reasons… an abundance of right hand points, empty beachies, amazing culture and food and most importantly this is where they make Corona and Tequila!

From a filming perspective Mexico had a lot to offer. Surf wise it left us with options to really open up Stokesys surfing and also play with some interesting backlit angles and backdrops. Its one of those places where the lifestyle just shoots itself, the locals are so friendly and interested in you, always wearing a grin from ear to ear its refreshing.

Music by
The New Division (Track- True lies)

The Cave Singers (Track- Summer Light)

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