Director: Ryan Hopkinson
Producer: Stephen Whelan
Prod Manager: Sibylle Böttger

Director of Photography: David Procter

Edit - Sally Cooper @ Cut & Run
Grade - Julien Biard @ Finish

"The ‘Demon Days’ project was always going to be a challenge to make, as with all my work I prefer to
shoot everything ‘in camera’ and as this is hard in photography, its even more difficult in film. I met
with Thomas Petherick (set designer) and David Procter (DoP) to discuss what I wanted to achieve.
There was lots of plans, drawings and ideas on techniques, cameras to use and how we can make sure
everything is kept abstract. So working with macro lenses to play with object sizes, chemicals,
explosives, blow torches, inks, speakers and blenders we set out to create an abstract World that
referenced the importance of creativity, innovation, science & food culture. From burning meat to look
like meteorites, dripping liquid metal on to pineapple’s, making steaks look like mountain ranges
and creating Universes in blenders." - Ryan Hopkinson (director)

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