Artists on this issue: Aaron McElroy, Andrea Quarantotto, Paulushaus, Elena Kholkina, Ricardo Passaporte, Fabio Astone, Carlos Cancela Pinto, Margot Pandone, Dominic Clarke, Carlos Salgado, Francesca Bates, Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert, Lauren Withrow, Elisabetta Porcinai, Kristina Babusci, Marco Fasoli, Nastasia Sergeevna, Ulrike Biets, Romolo Giulio Milito, Sarah Hardacre and Lukasz Wierzbowski.

Magazine browsed by Andrea Quarantotto, Editor in Chief of Up-and-Coming Style.
Up-and-Coming Style is a magazine dedicated to fashion and all its influences which aims to set itself out as a creative space, a reference point for fashion photography and contemporary art which will promote new and old faces.

Video filmed and edited by Nicola Santoro.

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