Planned obsolescence is not just for light
bulbs, phones, and jeans. It has crept in to our
emotional bonds with all objects. We love our
new objects. I have developed a relationship
with this robot, this actroid. There have been
highs and lows; tears and laughter. I made
him; I brought him to life. I connected him to
power, and the lights came on. There was a
golden time where we played together. I
would run from side to side and he would
follow me with those big eyes. I had found a
friend that would not challenge me. I had a
friend that would be forever. Then the first
death happened; the lights went out. Planned
obsolescence is also for relationships.

I felt betrayed. The gloss had gone. I was
already planning the next project. I realised
then that I had fallen in to the trap. I believed
the line that if it isn’t perfect then upgrade.
What had I become? I was more of a monster
than the creature I had made. So I cradled my
dead robot in my arms and made a promise to
it that I would bring it back from the dead
every time it died. This robot would become
my temple to all the items I have thrown away
before their time. I worship this robot. I love
it when it is alive. I love it when it is dead.

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