REEL Imaginations presents our very first official film created since it became a business entity. Please note that this video is NOT for sale and was created for a specific purpose.


Mantalongon is a community in Cebu, Philippines, situated on top of a mountain right beside Cebu's tallest mountain, the Osmeña Peak. This film is not about the place itself but a specific study of one of their local folklores. This folklore talks about spirits and the like so we thought it would also make a good Halloween presentation.

Originally, this film was for a technical test shoot. A budget was provided and a schedule was made for both research and shoot. Being a non-profit film (because it's a test shoot), the budget was very limited and the project itself did not make a lot of buzz. However, during our research and with the assistance of the administration of Don Bosco Technology Center, we found out that the folklore has some cultural and historical value. So, we took it upon ourselves to try and make the production more than what it was originally planned for - we wanted to make a full documentary. But, as explained above, the budget was too small for a full production and the time we scheduled was not enough for extensive research and shooting so we ended up with a semi-documentary... but still fairly good enough as a Halloween presentation.

We had lots of fun making this film and we hope you will enjoy watching it.

We will be making more films like this (among others) in the near future. We are also in the process of editing another video in parallel to this that's far more exciting.

Mantalongon: A REEL Imaginations Halloween Special 2012 is copyright by REEL Imaginations Productions.

NOTE to US/EU Viewers: Filipinos have adapted a set of English words (based from the original English meaning) but the syntax is used in a different way. These "borrowed words and grammar" may seem incorrect to you. We call this "Filipinoism". These "incorrect" word/grammar use in the film were intended.

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