This video was created as part of my Visual Communications honours year project at the University of Technology, Sydney.

Earth contains a single integral community. Every being has its own energy, while holding communion with all other beings in the hierarchy. We are profoundly dependent on this larger context of the surrounding and connected world.

Animal Kingdom is a young jewellery business. This video initiates its brand presence around the debut line, 'Gaia'; a reference to Earth’s goddess in Greek mythology.

Jewellery, a form of self-expression, portrays personal values. Animal Kingdom's use of Earth's jewels empowers wearers to exhibit their individual respect for and connection with our environment and the complexity of our treasured world.

Gaia's unique style, energy and identity are promoted in the video through an abstract visual sequence of evolution and connectedness, interwoven with visual natural geometry references as a metaphor reflecting the complex, unique structure of the jewellery’s crystals.

Model: Marjorie Broudieu
Music: Giraffage
With thanks to: Gabriel Clark, Clem Girault, Andrew Seaton & Matthew Samperi

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