If you could do it all yourself…you would
But…no matter how hard you try… you need employees
So… you advertise your job… You review all the applications… And finally you choose the right one
But before you hire an applicant they have to pass a drug test – they have to pass a physical – and you check their background – all before you put them on your payroll.
You have screened your new employee, but now what?
Do you risk putting them to work the first day? – Untrained employees have accidents.
Or do you have your managers and supervisors train the new guy? - are they even qualified to do that training?
Until now your only choices have been to risk putting untrained workers on the job
Or to spend a lot of productive time training new hires.
Neither were the right answer.
But now there is ekoTech and the New Hire Orientation Program
You already screen your new employees for drug use, for medical condition, and for previous employment histories,
Why not screen them for their ability to pass a safety orientation as well? – all before you put them on your payroll.
You will save hours of time and payroll expense while keeping your managers and supervisors doing what they do best – running your business.
The result…
Well trained new hires, and productive managers.
AND…You’ve saved the two things you need the most…
Time and money.
ekoTech’s solution to new-hire orientation is the right choice.
Call us today to find out how this can work for you.

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