A sonification project of videos recorded from the ballon.

"The collaboration with Interpenetration Festival 2012 is fix, we’ll invite musicians to sonify parts of a weather and ham radio ballon flight. The festival will happen from 13th to 15th of december at forum stadtpark."

The Graz/Styrian ham radio community sends a weather ballon equipped with some transmitters every summer on their fieldday (July 7th, at Dobl). This year they will send even 2 HD-cameras and record the sounds as well. This will be the raw material that we can use to sonify.


In 2012, mur.at will have a nano satellite launched into a low earth orbit (310 km above the surface of our planet). The satellite itself is a TubeSat personal satellite kit, developed and launched by interorbital systems. mur.sat is a joint venture of mur.at, ESC im Labor and realraum.

A team of about 15 people around mur.at (Graz/Austria) builds its first nanosatellite called mursat1, based on the knowledge of Interorbital Systems, IOS, and developped further following our research requests. In 2012, mursat1 will be sent into space. We expand Public Space - noncommercial, noninstitutional, experimental, researching and exploring - to see, hear, test, send, receive, and perform.
“In an age when state agencies are sending robotic explorers into space, (...) artists should launch robotic artists.” GX Jupitter-Larsen, 2011

more at sat.mur.at/

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