UPRISING #48 December 2011
Saturday, December 31, 10:30pm
Northern Lights Queer Performance and Dance Party at Parlour on Clark, Chicago
Participants: DJ Erik Roldan and the Northern Lights party attendees
Photos by: Nicole Garneau. Video by: Joe Varisco

I learned everything I know about being politically radical in Chicago, and I needed to say that before I moved away, and I wanted to say it in the radical party space that is Northern Lights. Chicago’s revolutionaries still terrify and thrill me. To say goodbye to assembled community, I distributed white 3-day candles and asked everyone to look not at me, but at each other. I shared words and song while they tried to stay present with each other. Because when everything else falls away, there is just us and our communities. Tonight I might want your hands, mouth, body, but for right now I will love your eyes. I will make my eyes available to you and look in yours and know everything I need to know.

This performance is part of UPRISING: a 5-year performance project 2008-2012. UPRISINGs are monthly, site-specific performance works broadly exploring practices of revolution. UPRISING performances create public demonstrations of the possibilities for a more loving, just and humane present and future. They are attempts at making the world in which we want to live, and then inviting people directly and immediately inside it. UPRISING is a project of Links Hall. More info at nicolegarneau.com.

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