A video completed for YOR Health. We were asked to complete a campaign around the general idea of 'Happiness'. What I love about this project the most is that I was given complete autonomy to create a video from concept to production. I just wanted to create a work that glorified God as much as possible since I know God has given me this job and placed me where I am for a reason. So, I daily strive to answer the question of 'how do I live my christian life as an employee of YOR Health to the Glory of God?'

Our design team of 3 brainstormed the ideas, I went to work on a writing a script & creating a video while the rest of the team started creating the packaging, website, and print materials. The message worked well for YOR Health since it is a company that is sold solely by word of mouth.

This is our first YOR Health Share Happiness video! This video embodies the message of our company and can be a great way to show new people interested in YOR Health what we do. Share Happiness! =)


I see a world where every person has good health

I see a world full of opportunities

A world full of people who can see the importance of helping each other

A world...

Filled with HOPE

Filled with FRIENDSHIP

I see a world

Filled with HAPPINESS

Because we believe happiness comes from helping others

That's why we're here for YOU.

YOR Health

Share Happiness

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Share Happiness
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