I think that a lot of people ride a duck stance under the assumption that it will be
more versatile for riding backwards. But, nobody rides the same backwards. Even if
somebody seems to ride backwards half the time, their body still doesn't work the
same. Your hips don't turn the same. Your legs are of different strengths. Nobody
is as powerful backwards as they are forwards. People always want to think that they
can ride the same backwards as forwards, but even if they are incredible at riding
switch, their body is riding DIFFERENTLY than it does when going forward. You might
as well just pick a direction and have a better functioning stance going one way,
rather than something that is not utilizing the power in your legs going either
direction. This is just my own personal opinion on the subject and what I prefer for
myself. I don't give two chicken feathers what anybody else does and they shouldn't
for what I do either.

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