Well I'm not too sure if it was the controversy over the vote, the amazing forecast or just the fact it’s a great route but 25 of us lined at Barningham for the Stang ride.

Yes, you read correct.........25!

Im sure this has gotta be an all time record for a Sunday away AND there were a few regulars who couldn’t make it because of the NOVA run or other commitments.

Most notable by his absence however was Dave C.......... esp after giving me grief on the forum.
(He did put his apologies in due to an alleged illness, but please feel free to rip him about it......I did!)

Yet again the weather fairies were in a kind mood as sun shone bright and warm all day. So much so that we spent the first stops stripping off layers, with most of us down to bases, tees n shorts within the first few miles. I’ve done the last 3 of the 4 club rides and the strange thing is the weather has been getting on each. Not that im complaining like, but we’re supposed to be in Autumn, heading into Winter and getting colder and wetter!..........Go figure...... dam this global warming........ just hope things last for this weekends outing to the Calf.

The ride itself went well, not being anywhere near a wet as expected with the run down Fremington a blast as always. [Decided just to film this bit rather than a full ride vid for a change].Plus the less harsh warmth of the Autumnal sun made the views from just about any point on the ride simply fantastic.

Given the numbers tho Im glad I rang ahead to give the Red Lion a bit of warning – although I was still well off the mark saying (optimistically) that there may be up to 15-18 of us. Needn’t have worried tho as she’d drafted in a mate to help, so the poor old dear wasn’t too swamped and, anyway, it was very pleasant chewing the fat in the sun while we waited. Must say tho, that new Black Sheep “Progress” is a canny pint...........

Only 3 mechanicals, one by Nic just after the Fremington DH – major chain jam (I blame poor maintenance myself............. not too sure who looks after her bike like ). Other two were both by Chris O - a puncture and a snapped chain and both within 2 miles of the cars.

The only slight disappointment was the logging of The Stang. I know its a working forest but a lot of the trail was mashed. We couldn’t even get to the top of the scar for a look over the edge (much to Ken disappointment, strange tho cause he’s always saying he’s scared of heights!)
On the up-side they had surfaced the top boggy fire-break which was always a chew to ride.

Gona do a quick reccy before the next time to see if I can rustle something up.

As its a short ride and we were back earlier than normal the suggestion to call to “a pub with a nice beer garden” went down well. So pretty much all of us ended up in this posh place in Greta Bridge to stand around in the remaining sunshine having a bit of banter about the day and generally putting the world to rights.

Nice way to end a great day in the Dales and a big thanks for everyone who came and made it such a mint day.

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