Hidden Lake is an experience not found in other residential communities. As one turns into the boulevard entry the site and sound of a 45’ waterfall cascading over the entry sign sets the tone for this natural, active minded residential community. As one continues down the main drive towards the stone and timber frame gatehouse and past the stone and timber frame arbor, the sheer volume of the entry and the size and quantity of the specimen plant material become an in indication of the dramatic community which lies ahead. Each visitor or resident becomes surrounded with a perfectly designed combination of evergreens, flowering trees and annual flowers which creates an experience of scale, depth and drama never before offered. Driving past multiple fountains and a massive waterfall spilling into two small lakes in which the gatehouse sits is enough to be a complete experience but is just the beginning.

The entry at Hidden Lake is a unique use of water. Usually a water feature is just that – a feature within the landscape. At Hidden Lake the water element is the common denominator into which the wonderful entry landscape is integrated.
The water begins in an upper pool and cascades boldly down to the first small lake. It slips gently under the boulevard bridge into the main lake. The water that is not thrust 25’ into the air meanders through a stone river, over a second set of falls and under a footbridge to the last small lake. It is in this area that the second geyser can be found.

Back in the main small lake sets the gatehouse. Not just next to it, but in it. A yin and yang of hard and soft material, static and ever moving, opaque and translucent, Hidden Lake is a perfect blend solid and liquid.

Located in Livingston County, near Ann Arbor Michigan, Lansing, Brighton and Greater Metropolitan Detroit.

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