Originally shot as a feature, I have since cut it down from 1hr 30 mins to 40 mins. I find it to be more thrilling and faster with the less important (and lets face it boring) scenes taken out.

Please enjoy!


When Katie Blackwell, [MICHELLE HARKNESS] a well-to-do landscape artist, and her husband, Will [BERRY NEWKIRK] move into their first home life appears to be on track; until terrifying nightmares and violent hauntings leave the two at odds with one another. Katie soon finds herself obsessed with a grotesque portrait she began whilst asleep and is now compelled to complete.

Meanwhile, her husband, now concerned with his wife's unhealthy obsession, decides to investigate the matter and with the help of his friend, Howard [JONATHAN ELLIOTT COARSEY], they unravel a macabre mystery spanning over a century!

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