This video is a supplement to an audio story about the downfall of food found here:

Patrick Harrington is a bike messenger in Charlotte, North Carolina.

He is in the unique position (unique in America) of needing food to fuel his work. This has caused him to think differently about the food that he eats.

"I've never met a food I didn't like," he says. "But simple ingredients prepared well and cleanly and without a whole lot of additives is normally the best way to go."

Harrington says he eats 5 meals a day... ish. "I try to keep it about 700 calories a meal, so it ends up being 3500 at the end of the day." He'll eat more later if he's hungry though, he says.

Produced and edited by Patrick Mustain

Music: Adam Lindquist

Patrick Harrington
Velocity Bike Couriers

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