Keynote Title: Pervasive Smart Cameras

Keynote Lecturer: Dr. Bernhard Rinner

Keynote Chair: Dr. Norbert Streitz

Presented on: 06-03-2011

Abstract: We are surrounded by millions of cameras in our everyday life. However, traditional camera networks require expensive infrastructures and are typically not able to provide user-oriented services. Smart cameras may overcome these limitations; they perform substantial image processing onboard delivering only features of the observed scene and collaborate to overcome some problems of centralized or single-camera systems. This interdisciplinary field builds upon techniques from computer vision, distributed computing, embedded computing and sensor networks. Pervasive smart cameras integrate adaptivity and autonomy and support a service-oriented network which is easy to deploy and operate, adapts to changes in the environment and provides various customized services to users.
In this talk I will introduce smart cameras and their potential for various applications such as smart environments, security, entertainment and health care. I will then focus on the fundamental challenges of performing real-time vision on distributed embedded platforms and address recent research topics. A presentation of case studies of distributed smart cameras will conclude this talk.

Presented at the following Conference: PECCS, International Conference on Pervasive and Embedded Computing and Communication Systems

February 2011
Vilamoura, Portugal

Conference Website:

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