Extended version of a spec commercial done for the Kodak awards, following the brief given by AXE for their deodorant spray.
Shot on 16mm, with a rather ingenious lighting solution.
Kodak daylight stock 250D, shot on the Arriflex 16st.
Would normally have gone for faster stock as it was a night shoot with limited illumination and some slow motion, but it was a last minute change of brief/concept due to weather and availability as well as the late delivery of the stock, but we did quite alright considering.

The idea was to try and do something that was AXE, but not particularly in the usual slightly chauvinistic "playfulness" of their previous commercials, while still being "sexually alluring" in the qualities of the scent. For some reason, vampires came to mind, and then the true blood connection.
I used the song "white rabbit" by jefferson airplane in this extended version of the ad and think it works quite well.

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