Vuo ( is a next-generation programming and performance environment for multimedia artists and producers that will allow them to create powerful real-time multimedia projects, data visualizations, and apps — all without writing code.

Under development by (the company behind, a beta release is expected in September 2013.

Thanks to several Athens High School students for their clay modeling skills.

Music by


Vuo is a new way to create your own interactive multimedia projects. With Vuo, you drag and drop building blocks on the canvas and connect them with cables. Information flows through the cables.

You can create interactive audio and visual effects, apps, and data visualizations. Vuo is designed to integrate with tools you're already using.

You can improvise. See, hear, and interact with your composition while it's running.

Vuo is easy to learn, with a great users manual and how-to videos. You will be able to share compositions, tips, and answers with an active community of users.

Vuo uses multiprocessing and modern graphics standards so your compositions execute quickly.

First designed for Mac, it will soon run on other operating systems, and execute apps on mobile devices.

Vuo will be open source, so you can feel comfortable using it and contributing to the community.

You can share building blocks and compositions with other users, collaborating and building on their contributions.

Vuo is powerful and user-friendly.

Vuo is fun.

Vuo is for you.

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