Decked out in denim patch jackets, the Melbourne four-piece belts out a riff-heavy punk rock that brings to mind mid-era Black Flag, classic Aussie rock and restraining orders.

Danny Vanderpol is a true frontman. Charismatic verging on psychotic, he channels the energy of Iggy and Hank Rollins – spewing what seams a stream of conscious diatribe against all that is ‘square’. The round peg sings/howls wide eyed into his hands, crawls across stage and basically has a breakdown in front of the audience. The polite term is ‘animated’.

The band’s debut album does a great job at capturing this manic live energy. From ‘Orphan Age’ and ‘Patrol’ – two flat-out burners – to the slower ‘Flunkies’ the BOS offer some musical dexterity. The instrumental ‘Reign’ shows off Andy Lang’s guitar chops – that pay more than a little debt to Greg Ginn (SST records/Black Flag) – while ‘Wedding Song’ starts with an AC/DC-like riff then turns bonkers.

Bits Of Shit are:
Danny: vocals / lagerphone
Elias: bass / backing vocals
Andy: guitar / xylophone
Pete: drums / can kicking

For more information about BITS OF SHIT:

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