In The October 2012 Edition of The 'X' Chronicles Newspaper

HALLOWEEN / OCTOBER 2012 - 50 Pages

These are just SOME of the stories and articles in this edition of THE 'X' CHRONICLES NEWSPAPER

Page 01: The History of Halloween
Page 04: Famous Ghosts in American History
Page 06: Ghosts In The White House
Page 07: When Disaster Strikes (Ad)
Page 08: Japanese FUGO Were U.S. UFO's
Page 09: Searching For The Truth
Page 10: Top 10 Scary Halloween Stories
Page 15: USAF UFO Design Declassified
Page 16: British TV Crew Arrested At Area 51
Page 17: America's Security Shattered (Ad)
Page 18: UK Has Anti-Alien War Weapons
Page 19: Do UFO Investigators Die Mysteriously?
Page 20: 2 Months Until Mayan Non Event
Page 21: Ancient Tomb Near Sweden's Stonehenge
Page 23: Rented Silence (Ad)
Page 24: Understanding Stonehenge
Page 25: Stonehenge: New Clues of Ancient Worship
Page 26: Remembrance Day - November 11
Page 27: 5 Halloween Myths
Page 28: 13 Halloween Superstitions Explained
Page 29: If You Ever Need Me (Ad)
Page 31: Halloween Safety Tips
Page 32: Houdini International Act Launched in Dartmouth, NS
Page 33: The Feast of Israel (Ad)
Page 34: Come Back To Life (Ad)
Page 35: Ghost Scare Off Gore for Halloween Movies
Page 36: I Want To Believe, but....
Page 37: Houdini (Almost) Back from the Dead
Page 39: Snippets from the Trenches (Ad)
Page 40: Top 10 Most Haunted Places in the U.S.
Page 41: 10 Most Haunted Places in Canada
Page 42 What Magick Spells Are Cast at Halloween
Page 43: The CIA, LSD and MK Ultra
Page 44: Catherine J Frompovich (Ad)
Page 46: Halloween Around the World
Page 47: Brad Olsen and CCC Publishing (Ad)
Page 48: Halloween Tips for Pet Owners
Page 49: Lambros Klouvidakis & Semathy (Ad)
Page 50: Asian Health Secrets (Ad)

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