Reżyseria i Zdjęcia: Przemek Dzienis / Filip Cichecki
Producent: FILM FICTION Adrian Pawłowski
Montaż: Łukasz Swaryczewski
Muzyka: Adam Walicki
Kierownik Produkcji: Sara Gołębiowska
Make Up: Aleksandra Foka Przyłuska
Kostiumograf: Mela Melak
Konsultacja medyczna: Akuman
Model: Luke i Zuzia
Studio: Suffit

The full version of the CANADA movie by Przemek Dzienis and Filip Cichecki will be premiered on Monday, Nov. 5. Excerpts of the movie were screened at the latest Nenukko runway show CANADA SS 2013. The filmmakers subjected the models' bodies to different interactions and registered them devoiding classical narration. The movie is a series of images - intriguing portraits, fascinating close-ups and almost laboratory shots registered with surgical precision. The movie and the collection were both created on the basis of joint formal and ideological exploration - they refer to the concept of external stimuli overdose as the most recognizable feature of our times.

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