Since 1982 my still photography has been with Canon bodies. In the last 5 years I have been dabbling in video and more specifically aerial video. I took a peek at the NEX-7 a month ago and when I found out I can adapt just about any glass to the front of this 24 mp powerhouse I had to get one.

I have had the camera for about a week now and so far I like it.

Being a "Canonista" , I was skeptical. Quickly learning the menus, I whipped out some quick tests. My two dogs, Sammy and Lucy make great moving targets. Why not do a comparison video I thought? Not to show off my lack of video talent or prove one camera is better than the other, but to actually do a side by side comparison of the camera's video abilities.

So here it is, my un-scientific test on a cloudy cold day in North Central Ohio.

Both cameras were set to manual mode, flattened in contrast, saturation and sharpness. I used my Canon 70-200 f2.8 IS II with the stab turned off when it was mounted on the 7D. Using a Neewer 77mm Variable ND, I picked 1/3 stop under as a resting place with the aperture wide open! I used a Fotodiox Pro EOS to E mount adapter on the NEX-7.

The audio tracks from both clips were purposely dropped from the timeline. My thinking was not to cloud the visual experience with on camera mics. Maybe I will do a audio comparison video as well!

Focus peaking really helps on the NEX-7 vs the Zacuto hood on the Canon.

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