THE END IS HERE! This is the teaser showcasing the remaining sounds included in Bullets HD PRO SFX Library. The final library is complete! -Frank

Presenting Bullets HD Pro Sound Effects Library. After nine long months and over thirty recording sessions it’s finally done! This final release adds Set-4 to the collection and includes sounds of bullets being shot into a old Bronco SUV. They were recorded inside and out… and from all sides. After many weather delays and scheduling conflicts the end is here. During the last week of October the remaining sounds for this comprehensive collection of bullet sound effects were recorded with a multi-microphone setup in the wilds of North Idaho.

The trick to recording a large portion of this library was using subsonic and custom made ammunition with some of the guns. Most of the bullets recorded are traveling less than 700 feet per second. This allows me to postion the microphones in just the right area without having a significantly loud muzzle blast. Sometimes I used cloth or carpet baffling around the target area to lessen the echo trail from the initial shot. Even though my goal is to have just the ricochet or pass by recorded, sometimes I include the muzzle blast in the file whether it can be avoided or not. It can make for a interesting sound element and gives you a few gunshots to use also.

The library is organized into 3 sections: designed, processed and the original source files. The designed portion is basically taking some of the raw files and processing them for importing into sessions that I mix and mangle. They are over the top, larger than my own reality and hopefully yours also. The processed files are amped up with transient enhancers, compression, EQ and pitch manipulation. They are derived from the original source files but most are not exact duplicates of the number of takes and sequence. For the processing, I only used the takes I thought would work well for the feel I wanted. And finally, there are the original source files for you to process.

Three types of firearms were used on the SUV to give you a wide selection of impacts to choose from. This final installment includes 198 brand new multi-take Broadcast WAV files and includes the cleaned up and organized raw recordings along with the “processed” takes. Some new foley and designed sounds are also included.
Also included are bullet sounds recorded along a logging road in the North Idaho mountains and the “cliffs” overlooking the forest. A majority of the ricochets were recorded with a suppressed .22 caliber rifle in a very quiet setting. Along with the ricochets are multi-microphone foley sounds of bullet belts and single shells being dropped and handled.

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