I know that when we talk about a church building we may fear that it may become an excessive burden or even a trap. Why? Because it can gobble up the church's resources, energy, and finances.
That's exactly why we've resisted the idea of buying a building outside the city.
And when we saw this building, we realized that would be ideal. Why? It put's us in the heart of the action. We are confronted with the needs of the city.
Right outside the building we see all different kinds of people: their dreams, their suffering.
The margins of society. Students Professionals. Families
It's all here.
To accomplish our mission in St-Jérôme, this is the ideal building.
The church is made up of people. It isn't a building.
The city is made up of people!
We love the city of St-Jérôme because people live here!

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