Part two of my non scientific test! Using Sony Vegas 11, I adjusted the brightness, contrast, saturation and added some sharpening to the original clips.

My initial impression is the the Sony .mts file allowed much more latitude in Vegas. What do I mean by that? Well when adjusting the sliders in each of the attributes I could really fine tune the look with the NEX clip. The Canon clip seemed to diverge wildly as the sliders were moved. In other words with the Canon clip, a .mov, a tiny bit of movement made a large change. Not being an expert with the different codecs and containers, I can not explain it any better than that.

Both of the clips were approximately 30 seconds. I noticed that the Sony clip (.mts) was 120mb and the Canon clip (.mov) was 231mb. Almost double!

I do not own lab quality monitors, but to me the NEX-7 clip looks better. Of course it could be the way I adjusted the clips. With that being said I spent about half the time adjusting the NEX clip vs the Canon clip.

I posted this to learn, so anyone with comments or if you would like me to do aditional tests please let me hear from you in the comments below!

Next test will be audio!

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