Seven men prepare to boldly go where no man has ever wanted to go before...

In this teaser: Kyle Penington, Rett Terrell, Thomas Crane, Ray Prewitt, Jeff Burleson, Derrico Thomas, and Kola Olasiji

Writer/Director: Lagueria Davis
Producers: Savannah Collins, Lagueria Davis, and Michelle De Long
Casting Director: Michelle De Long
Production Managers: Angela Startz and Cassandra Ketrick
Director of Photography: Shane Brown
Camera Operators: Shane Brown, Brett Deering, Mark Zimmerman, and Ryan Burkholder
Production Designer: Rebekah Bell
Set Dressers: Lance Gill, Devan Manon, and Bezhan Nazari
Sound Mixer: Royce Sharp
G&E: Gabe Miller
Script Supervisor: Temple Tucker
Editor/Colorist: Beau Leland
Special Thanks to Keith Ball who's art work is featured in the teaser trailer

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For more information about Spectacular Testicle Spectacle email Lagueria Davis at

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