"PIMP in the SERP!" is a Rap Video that I directed/shot/edited/colored for "ymarketing" based in Los Angeles.
"ymarketing" is an Inc. 500 Internet Marketing and SEO company that asked me to create and deliver an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Rap Video for the launch of their new Blog.

BTS Blog Article: vashivisuals.com/the-20-rap-video-low-budget-filmmaking/

Filmed on the downtown Los Angeles rooftop of "ymarketing"'s building...the 2 rappers drop science on the particular skill sets and techniques used by the best SEO specialists.


Yeeeeesssss.....ymarketing presents
Straight out the 'D'
Triple P
Droppin' rhymes with AnnMarie

Spittin' out the schema
while I'm drivin' in my Beamer

Item prop, item scope
Rich snippets they so dope

Code it out, make it work
Get the syntax in the SERP

Span and div, structured data
Dominate like a player

Publishin' on Google+
Rel author is now a must

Kill the competition
With HTML5 edition

PIMP in the SERP

Plan your domination
No canonicalization

Spendin' all the late nights
Workin' on optimization

Page rank rank rank probability distribution
Author rank and rep score lookin' at the evolution

PIMP in the SERP

Google's own Matt Cutts
Poppin' caps in link sluts

Keep your back links clean
Credibility on the scene

PIMP in the SERP


More info coming soon on the actual shoot, equipment used, locations and BTS for the project...

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