This is some footage that I shot yesterday, Sunday, November 4th, while making my way through the Rockaways with some friends to see how we could help.

We were able to bring hot coffee, bagels, muffins and donuts, which were much appreciated by the displaced residents in the area. The conditions in the 120's are considerably better and more organized than those in the 90's and lower. The biggest element missing in the 90's and below is a building that is organized to take and distribute all the donations for that region. Currently, all donations have been piled up in a vacant parking lot, covered in sand, and not really organized, nor protected from the elements. If you know of any churches or warehouses in that area who can open their doors and provide the necessary shelter for all the out-pouring of donations, that will be very helpful.

Also, if you are looking to volunteer to help clean-up the area and peoples' homes, please get in touch with the amazing people over at the Rockaway Beach Surf Club (, located at 302 Beach 87th Street at Rockaway Freeway. They have been organizing crews to go to peoples' homes and help them clean their flooded, sand-filled basements and other clean-up opportunities.

To find a list of other donation and volunteer opportunities, checkout and see what you can do. Every little bit helps.

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