The idea was to express a haunted "grunge" kind of feel, escaping the normal tradition of always showing blood and guts for the typical halloween tradition, but more so on a "psychological" level of imaginative disturbing illusions. "This was fun".

This is a collaborative work between myself and 2 other students here at the Savannah College of Art and Design. This was our time to shine scene called "Ghosted" that was put together with the other teams for the Carlo Vega 2012 workshop.

Carlo Vega is a artist/animating design rock star, and a living legend. Period. Point. Blank. You can check out his portfolio here at: carlovega.com/

I believe that this workshop pushed all of us "Motion Media majors" to become better, faster, stronger and held a student showcase of the most challenging and best collaborative work completed for the year 2012.

YOU CAN WATCH THE ENTIRE COLLABORATION of our animations for Carlo Vega's workshop here @ clydefox.com/metamorphosis/ - Enjoy and "buckle up" for the wild scary ride.........hee hee hee hee!

For this project I was responsible for:
Creative & Aesthetic Direction, Asset creation / (Hand Silhouettes / Texture treatment), and Animation.

We all pretty much played a big part in these different positions and tasks. I honestly believe that this project couldn't have been done w/ my wonderful team's assistance...especially given the fact we had a 2-day window to crank this out!

The rest of my team are legendary creative rock stars in the making and are responsible for this collaborative piece as well. I encourage you to check them out and their fantastic portfolios:

Allison Bixby - Animator/ Cinematographer/Graphic Design rock star
PORTFOLIO: soulunicorn.com/

Lou Ward - 3D Animator Guru, Creative Directing soaring eagle / Secret Ninja, Koala bear grooming specialist
PORTFOLIO: eldub.tv/

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