A video adaptation of an excerpt of Nicholas Carr's New York Times best seller "The Shallows : What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains." This selection spans across six pages of Chapter 3 (Tools of the Mind) divided into 17 sections-paragraphs. These sections constitute one partition per member of the digital media course with 30 second found footage intervals each for the student artist to visually represent their selection. The dialogue throughout explains how cognitive forms of mapmaking and measuring time at earliest stages of civilization have a direct effect on the micromanaging demeanor humans have today governed by not days but seconds. The activity is designed as a method of marrying academic research with active studio participation.

Editing : Digital Media I / Art 245 of the University of Nevada Reno Art Department.
[Respectively in the sections of 30 seconds, minus titles.]
Erin McMahon. Emma Hearn. Serina Gonzalez. Shay Malloy. Erin Meyering. Brian Figureoa. Elizabeth Ingram. Jenie Villanueva. Kaitlin Haugen. Elo Chapparo. Katie Dow. Lena Ghiglieri. Stormy Lattimer. Elissa Ji. Priscilla Ascuaga. Carl Flygt. Chohhny Sousa.
Instructor for Course : Benjamin Poynter

This activity is a found footage based one with heavy emphasis on editing existing videography. In no way does myself or the affiliated college own any footage used, material (book) it is based on, or audio used.


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