In August 2012 my wife and I travelled overland to the tiny Mediterranean island of Corsica. I say tiny, but we still managed to drive 3000 kilometres back and forth on its multitude of back roads in search of interesting photo subjects. The highlight for us was a chance encounter with a cluster of butterflies which had successfully found seemingly the only flowers of their type on the whole island. Well, so it seemed to us; we barely saw another butterfly again on the trip. That sequence (and the lizards) were shot with a Sigma 500mm f7.2 lens on Nikon bellows, hence the creamy bokeh. Most of the rest is conventional time lapse work. Not many motion control moves in this as wives and dollies don`t mix well!
Music with kind permission from Zack Hemsey - see
The individual stills in this video have been uploaded (with captions to denote location) to

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