After sending some of our finest Monks & patented production powers to your sunny shores, the time has come to export a MediaMonks tradition. Parties![1]

What is it?
The official "Lovies" afterparty by MediaMonks. A jaegerbomb-fueled, open-bar dancathon filled with drinks, dance and digital.

When is it?
Wednesday, November 14th, from 22.00 to 02.00, right after the Lovies and several hours before your hangover kicks in.

Sign me up!
We're using Eventbrite, so signing up is easy enough. It's a invite-only event, so if you or any colleagues & friends want to be on the list, go to to request an extra invite.


[1] MediaMonks in Cannes: [2]
[2] MediaMonks celebrates a decade of digital:

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