Site-specific musical performance
Duration: (approximate) 20 min.
Video duration: 3:30 min.
The Netherlands 2007

The experimental concert ‘Steam Organ’ was performed in the old church of Amsterdam during museum night. The church organ that normally plays religious music adapts itself to the minimal sounds of a common daily-life object; a boiling teakettle.

The contrast between the differing instruments in this act delivers a sarcastic musical piece with a serious, and yet playful undertone. Wrapped in clouds of steam, the performance gives the impression as if the devil is playing D.J in the church.


Performed by Nir Nadler and Yuval & Maartje Reuven
Camera: Johann Arens, Chaja Hertog and Ben Buchenbacher
Sound design: Yuval Reuven
Photography: Michael Jacobs

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