Nov. 04, 2012 – What happens when the kings of God’s people do what is evil in His sight? What happens when Israel and Judah’s leaders lead His covenant people into worshiping other gods – Baal and the Asherah? Whom does God send to proclaim His blessing and judgment upon His nation? He sends His that “they will know that I am Lord.”

As we move through the remainder of the Old Testament story, God’s people are split into two kingdoms: Israel in the north, and Judah in the south. God has promised one tribe to Solomon’s heir for the sake of King David, but not all of Judah’s kings follow in David’s footsteps. As for Israel’s kings, none follow after God.

This week, we begin a three-part series, “When Kings Provoke the Lord God.” In the first part, we witness the Lord’s dealings with Ahab, the evil king who led Israel away from true worship of the Lord God.

Special Notes:

For the "Mapping the Times of the Kings" worksheet that lays out the harmony of 1 & 2 Samuel, 1 & 2 Kings, and 1 & 2 Chronicles, please cut and paste the following URL into your browser. It will take you to my Google Docs page where you can view and print a copy.

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