1h20 of mostly electro(nica), 100% ambient (for my kind of ambiance anyway)
you may notice a couple glitches here and there, some volume difference between tracks
(this dates back from my first encounter with Ableton Live)
but I believe this mix to be otherwise quite enjoyable
I find it ideal for chilling, dancing, pondering things

00:00:01 'Paradise Circus' feat. Hope Sandoval / Massive Attack
00:04:46 'Halcyon & On & On' / Orbital
00:12:01 'Intro' / Alan Braxe
00:15:02 'Bells' feat. Linda Lamb / Vitalic
00:20:05 'Music Sounds Better With You' / Stardust
00:25:42 'I Remember' feat. Kascade / Deadmau5
00:33:34 'After All' feat. Jael / Delerium (Satoshi Tomiie remix)
00:38:23 'Tiger' feat. Aku / Maximum Balloon
00:41:35 'Templar (Original mix) / Deadmau5
00:46:57 'Transistor' / semiomime
00:49:27 'Get Your Snack On' / Amon Tobin
00:53:44 'Zodiac Shit' / Flying Lotus
00:55:17 'Ego' / Four Tet, Burial, Thom Yorke
01:01:58 'Hyperballad' / Björk
01:07:14 'Group Four' / Massive Attack
01:15:23 'Mandala In The Clouds' / Bear McCreary

nota: I claim ABSOLUTELY no ©rights to any and all of these tunes, they are tunes I live with, made by musicians I admire, all I did was put quite a lot of time mixing one song after the other trying to find a guay arrangement, upload it, and that's all.
I make absolutely no money with this, if I do someday you can bet your ass I'll get the money to pay for the respective licenses, obviously I don't have it now and don't plan to spend it on something that is but a hobby for me.
I don't believe that I am stealing from these artists, more like paying a tribute. If this is any trouble, for instance if this causes some office guy's heart to palpitate with tachycardia, then I am terribly sorry for the inconvenience, and surely this video will disappear on its own before you could say COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT.
Of course I'm not debating this with (or directly blaming) the artists, more so with the Major$ and their all-reaching tentacular appendage$...

that said, enjoy :)

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