Israeli veteran Hava Keller fought in the north of the country in 1948. She also participated in the expulsions from the southern city of Be'er Sheva. Here she describes how after the war ended the IDF demolished hundreds of villages, including Sumarriyah, on the road between Nahariya and Acco.

SEVEN DEADLY MYTHS, (Israel/Palestine, 2013, 55 min)
Three years after the holocaust the Middle East was changed forever when Israel fought and won its independence. In that war, two-thirds of the Palestinians became refugees. In the years following, their properties and history were confiscated and destroyed, while to this day they remain in camps all over the Arab world. They never stopped fighting for their right to return to their homes, many of which were demolished.
But it was not the houses; it was the very memory of this national trauma that was itself erased. In a new documentary, Seven Deadly Myths(working title), former Israeli settler and journalist Lia Tarachansky sheds light on the collective amnesia of Israelis when it comes to the fateful events of those years. She follows the transformation of four 1948 veterans as they uncover and challenge decades of denied memories. She then returns to her own settlement, in the heart of the occupied West Bank, to uncover a landscape of denial and a history of erasure.

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