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In Winter 2011/12 the group embarked on a journey to Japan to visit the Tokyo metropolitan area and the Fukushima province, to develop a secretive eduction system for energy. They had one thing in common: an obsession for chaos, posing question, opposing theories, not listening to conspiracies, and a rotten personal history of school failures and abuse by teachers.

Today, the KRAFT School of Energy at the 3331 Arts Chiyoda in Tokyo prepares new leadership and creates new wisdom to sustain and restore the long-term efficiency of energy resources of this planet and the universe as a whole and the well-being of all people living within. The School of Energy is not only a learning place, but a social place as well: A home for children.

We find strength in our collegiality, diversity, independence, and commitment to excellence. Children aged 4-10 years are elegible for the program, please see detailed requirements in our SoE_program_2012.pdf. The School of Energy is a faculty of the University of Self Control.

We are not lying to them, we are just telling the non-truth, we teach newspeak, we are truthers. We are not information, we are disinformation, everything is connected to energy. We believe you can control the weather with HAARP, we study the big quake and the attack on Japans nuclear infrastructure in Fukushima and are looking into models of depopulating the planet (Überbevölkerung).

While they were in Japan millions of pages of research material, videos, databases and interviews accumulated on their servers. A few months later the school was built on a server in Austria and the group started secretly working day and night on School of Energy. The sinister education was implemented at 3331 during this weeks holiday.

"The idea came after meeting Yukiko Shikata" said lizvlx "She thinks that it's inevitable that artists use the desasters materials of their age. I was nineteen when the HAARP program began".

"Tokyo was not a coincidence" declared maverick business man Hans Bernhard "it was the heart of and by the late Eighties, Japan had moved from being a low-wage to a high-wage economy".

Concern spread among Tokyo educators, energy ministry officials and OGAs: "They say it's just a School of Energy but I don't like it, I don't see any benefit, I think it is dangerous", said Hiromasa Yonekura, head of the influential business lobby Keidanren "It seemed very unstable in the first place, and this conspiracy HAARP thing makes me shudder".

The School operates daily for two whole weeks beginning November 10, involving thousands of enthusiastic visitors of all ages and origins. It will then disappear as fast as it had appeared.

"Thousands of weird ideas leave universities, think tanks, governement offices, pr firms and crime syndicate offices everyday to be spun to the global media market and eventually come back to us in the form of destabilizing financial information, physics theories and conspiracy theories", declared Andreas Bichlbauer "Ideas, thoughts, memes and newspeak have no border. So we must probably just get used to it, starting from the younger generations".

The whole project is shredded in mystery and where the manipulation of the little kids minds will go is still unknown. A website about the affair, coded by lizvlx, is online. School of Energy is UBERMORGEN's first educational project, although they are not new to such adventures. The group has created auto-cannibalistic economical systems (GWEI), bought and sold votes during the presidential election 2000 (Vote-Auction) and re-integrated neo-nazis into society (NAZI~LINE, R.I.P. christoph schlingensief).

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Hans Bernhard:
Andreas Bichlbauer:
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School of Energy is part of UBERMORGEN.COMz Kraft Series 2010-2014:
School of Energy was curated by Yukiko Shikata and commissioned by Austrian Embassy Tokyo, BM:UKK and Pro Helvetia

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