International conference 1 November 2012
Design without Borders – Creating Change
Norsk Form – Foundation for Design and Architecture in Norway
Supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
DogA - the Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture, Oslo

In the field of both design and development aid, there is increasing awareness about the important contribution design makes towards solving the challenges facing developing countries.

The last decade has shown us that designers, in their enthusiasm to act, often underestimate the complexity of the challenges they undertake and create practical but inappropriate solutions. Similarly, the developing communities are often so overwhelmed by the complexity of the situation that they are unable to innovate effectively.

The conference Design without Borders – Creating Change focuses on the work and thoughts of designers, organizations and entrepreneurs that have managed to find a way of combining complexity and action, effectively using design to create change in real world situations.

The conference will not discuss whether or not designers should get involved in changing the world – but will offer suggestions on how to avoid the pitfalls and create effective solutions that address the right problems in the right way.

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