The Southern Pines Town Council held their November Agenda Meeting in the Community Room of the Southern Pines Police Department on Pennsylvania Avenue beginning at 7:00 pm. After a brief architectural review of the Longhorn Steakhouse application, with which the Council unanimously concurred, the Council moved on to a discussion of the upcoming vote on the master conceptual plan of the Planned Unit Development application for the Knollwood Tract.

This involved a rather lengthy discussion which included the Council's consideration of the petition and related emails regarding that petition for the Town to order or have conducted an "economic impact analysis" (or, perhaps, "community impact analysis") before the PUD application is approved. All of the Town Council members made very reasoned and cogent statements about this matter. It was obvious that all had given the petition issue considerable thought and reflection. In the end, the Council decided not to order such an "impact analysis".

This is a clear victory for equal justice under the law, a triumph of common sense, and a very laudable demonstration of governmental restraint on the part of our Council. I was very proud of them.

After concluding the Knollwood discussions, the Council moved on to discuss the items to be handled under the Consent Agenda and a resolution honoring Felton J. Capel, Sr. Also the Council agreed to hold a public hearing on the proposed plan for the Downtown Park, but to allow more time afterward for public comment. The vote on acceptance of the plan will be scheduled for the December, 2012 meeting.

The meeting agenda can be found at:

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