“Hein Gorny and Henrich Riebesehl"
Hein Gorny in the spectrum Photo Gallery Hanover, 1972
The spectrum Photo Gallery Hanover devoted her first exhibition in 1972, the photographer Hein Gorny (1904 - 1967). 40 years later, the collection Regard designs an "exhibition of an exhibition" with photographs of Hein Gorny and of Heinrich Riebesehl, under whose direction the exhibits of 1972 were produced.
It is a tribute to the founders of the spectrum gallery, Henry Riebesehl, Joachim Giesel and Peter Gauditz, which had " a purely idealistic aim" (Riebesehl) to help photography as an independent visual medium, "to a socially higher level of artistic acceptance"(Gauditz). In its exhibition activity the retrospective of Hein Gorny occupies a special position as it is the only project for which the organizers had to evaluate the archives of a photographer.
Today, the comparison with the thought lost vintage prints by Gorny is possible. Herein lies the special appeal of this photographic exhibition.
In doing this, the Collection Regard makes a new contribution to the rediscovery of the oeuvre of Hein Gorny.

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