Ammit, The Cyborg Gator (2012) - "Waterhole Grunge"; I modeled, rigged, and animated this character for a short film.

Ginger Rigging tool box (2013) - Modular auto rigging toolset written in Python.

Bobby (2011) - Personal Project; I modeled and rigged a character, primarily using joints to drive the facial deformations.

Cockroach (2011) - Personal Short Film, "Solitary"; I modeled, rigged, and animated a cockroach for my short student film. My goal for this character was to create an efficient way to animate flying and walking.

Multi-Prop Rig (2012) - "Typewriter's Café"; A dynamic prop rig that can contain a matrix of referenced models.

Traditional Work (2012) - Traditional artwork I've done in the last year using pencil, pen, charcol, and clay.

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