We create experiences and ambiances with audio architecture.
We are an anonymous collective of artists and musicians experimenting w/ audio & radio.
We reactualize a drifting theory thru post-radio, sound-systems and computers.
We explore portable, mobile, temporary & immersive audio spaces and campings.
We favour loading forms, immaterial works and time-based objects.
We experiment micro-forms & replicas & duplicatas & palimpsests.
We develop social tactics & share a creative, experimental, workspace.
We open up a lo- & hi- tech critical audio-lounge and a musical floodnet.
We push DIY to DBO (done by other) and finally DWO (done with others) actions.
We are not vaporware, software, hardware but listening groupware.
We become only operators of the downfall of the centralized systems.
We say networks = free co-op production-diffusion-distribution-critical spaces.
We extend the virtual homestudio to virtually everyone.
We provide temporary on-air audio & handy interfaces for spare-time social occupation.
We want to extend the idea of soundscape to webscape (soundwalks to webwalks).
We want to change the way you listen to the world and to your immediate environment.
We expand telematic situations and sonic revolutions.
We work on sampled & non-stop streams & audio TAZ.
We will be able to remain anonymous.
We plug our fingers out of your ears.
We use nanosounds and macrosounds.
We are involved in digital ecology.
We want a direct economy.
We ignore music industry.
We simply do research.
We are audio datasquares and we open radiophonic picnics.
Wear headphones and switch on your radio.


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