“He causes things to look different so it would appear time has passed.”1
My work serves as a commentary on image making and is rooted in art history, cinema and the history of the convergence of art and the moving image. The ‘Drawing Maps’ Flipbook forms part of a body of work which explores the representation and archiving of the passage of time within film, photography and drawings and focuses on the uncomfortable contrasts which exist between these processes. These ‘Drawing Maps’ examine the domain between motion and still pictures, the translation of an image from a video still to a drawing (the reduction of information in which the work becomes symbolic in content) and also the elements and thought process present in image making.

The Flipbook project was derived from early animation processes which predate the invention of film and investigates the phenomenon of the persistence of vision. The Flipbook serves as a kind of a sketch for a film which would show the process of image making as well as the deconstruction of the formal elements involved with this act.

[1] Philip K. Dick Valis, (Phoenix, 2012) pg. 257

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