"RIG PÅ NARKO" (Rich in drugs)

The purpose of this assignment was to design motion graphics and a visual concept /identity to a TV format, for an upcoming TV-programme, based on the outline from the Danish production company Koncern. The visual concept is to create a strong communication, related to the format, content and message. The target audience is set between year 25-40. The title sequence's concept is the journey of various drugs – from the farmers to the distribution – through the main transaction points.

The ident consists of 5 different elements; title sequence, lower third, breaker, infobreaker and credits.
The assignment was a two-week co-operation between the production company Koncern and Danmarks Medie- and Journalisthøjskole. The ident's tone of voice is set in the documentary style. It also reveals the title of the first episode (based on Cocaine), out of 6 in total.

Visual effects and design: Hodja Berlev
Graphics and sound: Daniel Barcza
Production leader: Eng Agger
Script: Koncern A/S
Music: Hanz Zimmer, Bonobo

NOTE: This video is only a showcase project. There is no copyright infringement intended.

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