A new development by the American Laboratory.*

Gutting the prose of fourteen novels on the American High School Reading List, a dialogic, pastiche of literature contextualizes the return of two youths to their childhood home of Rockport, Massachusetts. In this athletic shedding of memory, two American Laboratory interpreters pedal out of a receding suburban scene accompanied by the found sounds and footage of a forgotten New England landscape. Within this work, nostalgia is made digital and memory is made tactile in a space where the real and the unreal coexist.
(Project Coordinators, Michael Stablein, Jr. & Kirin McCrory)


Clayton Reed Ellis
Todd Flaherty
Mark Lunsford
Kirin McCrory
Jacob Mondry
Pedro Feria Pino
Erinn Ruth
Michael Stablein, Jr.
Aaron C. Thomas
Emily Weiskopf

For more visit: americanlaboratory.org

*This first phase of Rockport Public Library was developed at 168 Powers in Brooklyn, NY. With the generosity and commitment of space founder, Jesse Kane-Hartnett, we were provided with a temporary home to break ground on this newest work. The installation was made possible through the financial support of friends, family, colleagues, and the Kickstarter community.

(The on-site footage from Rockport, Mass. was captured by Pedro Feria Pino. The performance footage was documented by Ian Wexler. Edited by Michael Stablein, Jr. with assistance of Benjamin Peterson.)

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