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Hi. This is a card based mini-game I made for Anime fans.
The game is free to play and is under development.
You can download the game to play at: yurixyworks.com

You can also see there a complete list of the features the game has and what was made by reading the Patch Notes article.

All credits such as content, images, musics, videos and static content are from the Anime companies involved and the respective authors/owners. The complete list of Credits can be found inside the game. The card battle mechanic is based from Sword Girls Online.

Music used in the video by Madlax OST;
"FictionJunction YUUKA-nowhere", sound recording administered by:
Victor Entertainment, Inc.

Thanks for looking. Any feedback about the game or the video is greatly appreciated.
You can help in the development by providing feedback or creating your own content following the tutorial at the website.

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