The Circuit Work-In-Progress
Filmed at The Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit and the Shanghai Biennale in Summer/Fall 2012.
Created by The Hinterlands
Directed by Richard Newman and Liza Bielby.
Opening and Closing music by Frank Pahl.
Jit Choreography by Haleem "Strings" Rasul Ar-Rasheed
Performance Video Design by Eleni Zaharopoulos
Performers: Haleem "Strings" Rasul Ar-Rasheed, Tori Ashford, Liza Bielby, Jon Brumit, Richard Newman, Frank Pahl, Dave Sanders, Leanne Turrell, Eleni Zararopoulos, Big Kellz 007, and Donny 007.

The Circuit turns the traditional ten-act Vaudeville evening on its head, creating a virtuosic, audience-engulfing variety show for the outcasts of the internet age. Daringly physical and shockingly funny, The Circuit is a mash-up of American subculture and common culture - Tyler Perry's Madea meets Harold Lloyd meets Odd Future meets something you've never even heard of. Taking it's inspiration from the French root of Vaudeville, meaning "voice of the city," The Circuit scours the many voices of American subculture - B-boys, riot grrrls, juggalos, ravers, jitters, hackers, vogue dancers, conspiracy theorists and more - for clues into who we are and can be in America's second millenium.

The Circuit is funded in part through the National Performance Network Creation Fund and the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and Co-Commissioned by Alverno Presents and The Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit.

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