The first encounter is with a hacking hunter who I had the pleasure of watching get banned while in the game, a Game Master actually appeared and served him a ban on the spot.

My mage has full furious gear (starter gear) and no enchants as well as no professions.

Death Knight and Paladin 2v2 teams are very difficult because of their infinite mana and plate armor which is difficult to handle with a rogue partner.

Alterac Valley is an incredible battleground to be in when the Alliance and Horde are engaged completely against one another, and while it was heavily in our favor I still think it is rather incredible to watch 40 people steam roll the opposition.

The Death Knight I dueled had full Relentless, the Warrior had Wrathful, and the Shadow Priest had Eternal gear.


Austin (Arena Partner)
Eternal World of Warcraft Private Server
Windows Movie Maker

Marilyn Manson
Citizen Cope
Collin Kravis
Twin Shadow

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