This film (Eastman 7240T) was announced in 1997 as the replacement for the discontinued Ektachrome 160 and is the same film as the 7240 VNF 16mm.

I purchased some recently since I've never had the pleasure to work with it before. The colors seem a bit more muted.

It is rated as 125 ASA for indoors and 80 for daylight (85B Filter recommended).

It was fairly grainy, but I was pleased with the results. I was looking for an "older" Super 8 look, to possibly film a short story.

It was recommended to shoot this film one stop overexposed since most cameras will meter this film at 160ASA. All the indoor scenes were manually exposed. For the outdoors, I used a Yashica Electro 800 on auto exposure and with the backlight switch on to overexpose it slightly.

Many thanks to Chris Cottrill and Martin W. Baumgarten for their writeup on how to meter this film:

As a side note, I simultaneously taped this with a VHS camera and then gave it a "Faux" 8mm look just to see the difference. It can be viewed here:

Processed by PAC Lab, here in NYC.
DIY Telecine via Workprinter XP

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